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  • With BGI, you can expect a higher caliber candidate delivered to your door.  Candidates supplied by us have been pre-screened and pre-qualified for your position.
  • BGI offers in-depth knowledge and expertise in your industry, and will give you the representation and services needed for a successful placement.
  • BGI takes the time to get to know your organizational culture, key needs, management styles and compatibility aspects of the hiring manager.



Position Specifications

  • Availability to meet on-site with hiring authorities to discuss specific position requirements and the unique chemistry of your organization.
  • Assistance in composing and designing a job offer package that results in applicant acceptance.
  • Provide recommendations or analysis from the market place context.

Research- Search Strategy

  • Produce a list of target companies, individuals and sources from which qualified candidates may be selected.
  • An intense, continual effort put forth for each research assignment until it is successfully completed.
  • A focus on the client’s unique business culture so that maximum interest is developed for the position with each candidate being presented.

Interviewing of Prospective Candidate

  • Candidates are pre-screened and assessed through phone and personal interviews prior to being presented to the client.
  • Candidates are evaluated according to experience, qualifications, performance merit and demonstrated potential.

Introduction- Interview of Candidates by the Client

  • Present candidate profiles.
  • Assist in evaluation and selection.
  • Facilitate the interview.

Reference Checks- Negotiation / Offer / Follow-Up

  • Highly filtered resumes.
  • Extensive customized reference checks.
  • Continuous follow-up and follow-through.
  • Timely and reliable progress reports.
  • BGI will participate in the negotiation process as desired.  We will serve as mediator in client/candidate negotiations as well as facilitate an agreement/contract.

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