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AutoPR is a global, full-service public relations and marketing communications firm headquartered in Rochester, Michigan. The company serves a broad range of clients in the business-to-business and consumer segments of various industries, including transportation, electronics, construction, energy, IT and industrial products.  AutoPR’s services include: strategic planning and counseling, media relations and training, special events planning and coordination, market research, advertising production and placement, collateral development and multi-media presentation production.

Career Coaching

Many people feel that it is simply not fulfilling enough just to be successful in their career.  People want to enjoy their work as well.  To be excited about your career and enthusiastically look forward to each day is the ultimate goal.  We will help you to develop and manage your career on many levels.  We can teach you new methods to help you think more strategically and communicate and collaborate more effectively inside and out of your organization.  We help you leverage your time, effort, and resources more effectively assisting in a much more balanced feeling in life.  We have over 15 years of coaching experience guiding and developing people to their career goals.

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Life Coaching

Energize your life, balance work and personal life, or define your life purpose.  Establish confidence building skills that lead to self-motivation in managing life changes.  Lynn Jarrett, coach, speaker & bestselling author, is a life skills coach that will partner with you to create the personal and professional life you have always wanted.

Lynn Jarrett
Coach, Speaker & Bestselling author of "Why Bother Looking?"


Health Care Stem Tech products for improving health, and lowering health care costs.
 A patented natural product that supports the natural release of adult stem cells from your bone marrow helping the body heal itself!  A next step for health care.  Stem Tech is under looked by the medical community, but not for much longer. Stem Tech Health Sciences give great alternatives for improving health promoting a natural healing process.

These products are a benefit to companies and people for improving health, lowering health care costs, streamlining your work force, and building a stronger business.This has benefited me, my employees and my business.

Enzacta Supplements; PXP and HFI promotes the production of your immune and hormonal system, endocrine system. This does take time to work, anywhere from a month to 6 months to really evaluate the benefits.

PXP enhances the health of the cells and Mitochondria. With a shortage of ATP mitochondria energy, the body can not correct it's symptoms. It enables the cell to heal and then reproduce healthier cells. Mitochondria are membrane enclosed organelles found in most eukaryotic cells. They generate most of the cell's supply of ATP which is used as a source of energy. Mitochondria have their own independent genome, the material of which is known as mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). Mitochondria contain inner and outer membranes, forming 5 distinct compartments: outermembrane, intermembrane space, inner membrane, cristae space (formed by invaginations of the inner membrane), and the matrix (space within the inner membrane). Much of the activity of the mitochondria occurs within the inner mitochondrial membrane (IMM).

Give me the energy so I can heal myself and live in optimal health." We live and die at the cellular level. The current cellular energy crisis is a major factor behind all diseases and symptoms. Lack of cellular ATP-energy and anti-oxidant production is a primary factor in chronic inflammation, the aging process, neuro-degenerative processes, and glucose regulation. Enhancing cellular energy is the most fundamental and universal 'whole body support that we can do.

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International Business Attorney, Lawyer and Lobbyist

Mark Foster Law is headquartered in Silicon Valley with our Affiliate Counsel, Bergeson LLP, maintaining affiliates in Tokyo and Washington, D.C. Since our founding in Tokyo, we’ve represented businesses of every size in transactions and ventures on every continent. And we’ve represented governments, venture capitalists, industry associations and business-government consortia as well.

Our success speaks for itself: An extraordinary track record successfully representing businesses of every size, as well as entrepreneurs, industry associations and governments, internationally and domestically, in the U.S. and throughout the Americas, in Japan, Europe, in the Middle East, throughout the Asia Pacific region and in Africa.

We’ve broken new ground in lobbying in Japan and elsewhere for American commercial interests. We’ve successfully challenged both tariff and non-tariff barriers to world trade. We’ve overcome closed, government-monopolized, technical standards and regulatory compliance systems and created new commercial opportunities for our clients worldwide.

For more information:

Automotive Women's Alliance Foundation (AWAF)

AWAF is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to the personal, professional development and advancement of women in the global automotive industry. Come see what we are all about and join our exciting organization today!

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Manaia Capital Management

At Manaia Capital Management we strive to create a truly unique solution for every client we work with.  Our headquarters are located in Auburn Hills Michigan.  We specialize in creating unique wealth management and asset protection strategies working with employees & business owners in the automotive industry.

A second focal point of our business is working with the complex financial issues that other professionals such as Doctors, Dentists, Real Estate Developers, Real Estate Agents, CPA's & Attorneys face in the financial evolution of their practice

Manaia Capital Management helps individuals and companies build professionally managed, diversified investment portfolio, customized to meet their specific objectives.  Personalized service is essential to our approach to investment planning. 

James Mundy, Financial Consultant

James Mundy is a financial professional with AXA Equitable in Troy Michigan.  As a member of AXA Equitable, he his committed to helping individuals; families and businesses, build and improve their financial futures through investment services, risk management, structured settlements, company group benefits, retirement planning, group insurance and financial planning strategies. 

In addition to holding a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Health Care Administration from the University of Michigan, he is always striving to enhance his professional skills. He strives to develop ongoing, personal relationships with clients.  With a full understanding of your situation, he his available to help reassess and update your strategies through professional guidance, so that you may achieve financial independence.

For more information please Email or visit

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers is dedicated to bringing people and information together to advancemanufacturing knowledge. We are internationally recognized by manufacturing practitioners, companies and other organizations as their source for information, education and networking.

Michigan Manufacturers Association

The Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA) is the state’s leading advocate exclusively devoted to promoting and maintaining a business climate favorable to industry. MMA’s goal is to make it possible for Michigan manufacturers to successfully compete in the national and international marketplace.

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